Ensure protection of your sensitive patient and organizational data focusing on value recovery and excellent service.

WipeQ is knowledgeable and sensitive to the environmental, security, compliance, and chain-of-custody challenges healthcare clients to face when recycling and retiring IT equipment.


WipeQ handles all steps in the data-sanitization process with the utmost care and integrity, and we adhere to the standards and requirements set forth by several governing bodies.

Data Destruction, Transfer of liability, and serialized Reporting are reasons why healthcare providers and medical companies trust WipeQ to develop and execute their IT Asset Disposition (ITAD).  WipeQ conducts frequent audits of our vendors, subcontractors, and partners

WipeQ offers a secure and transparent Chain of Custody, ending with a Certificate of Destruction, Certificate of Recycling, or a fully detailed, Serialized Audit Report of all the devices and hard drives, showing tangible proof of a job well done and used for auditing purposes.

Dedicated to maintaining the security and privacy of patient data through the deployment of physical, technical, and procedural safeguards as dictated by HIPAA legislation. All equipment and materials from healthcare facilities are recycled safely and responsibly, and all digital data is destroyed or sanitized in accordance with HIPAA standards.

WipeQ is well-versed in processing IT assets and other materials for clients in the healthcare industry, such as:

Healthcare Systems

Medical Equipment Manufacturers

Medical Facilities

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